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We've come a long ways and I'm at a point where I've decided I'm going to really pursue this with everything I've got in terms of energy and devotion. I've got a prior commitment hanging over my head towards the end of this month, but once I resolve that, I'm planning on spending a couple months really digging into NYAN and seeing what I can do. So far we've just chipped away at the edges, but already we've seen some pretty impressive results. Just a brief recap of our successes first and then I'll talk about my ideas.
We've gone from 1-3 satoshi to 10-30 satoshi prices. Not bad. We've got two new block explorers up in response to the previous one going down. We've got an irc channel and active community members both here and there. And we've got me, the crazy bastard who's locked up 25% of the available supply and is planning to do everything he can to build up NYAN to its proper greatness, and got tipnyan going and did a major giveaway with it. Oh, and we survived a dump of ~10% of the available supply quite comfortably. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about right now.
So, what next? Well, a lot of stuff. This is just a huge dump of ideas for discussion and inspiration. It's not necessarily ordered, although I'll try to have it go roughly from simplest to most complex. These are by no means promises or guarantees. This is just stuff I think would be cool.
Some of this isn't a "implement this", it's more of a blog post prompt or general concept.
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