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SI prefixes for Bitcoin, space separated. Bitcoin nomenclature, once and for all?

I recently replied in someone's thread about changing the decimal point a la Turkey to make the currency more usable, which I think is the wrong approach.
The currency represents a new paradigm in money but it can be explained very well using numbers we already use in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
The range of Bitcoin fits neatly into using the SI prefixes for milli(bit) and micro(bit). Satoshi is an anomaly as it represents ten nanobits.
If you think milli- sounds stupid I don't know what to tell you. It's been around a while (long before -vanilli).
Think of how we see normal currency represented: 
£52,345.99 reads as Fifty-two thousand, three hundred and forty-five pounds and ninety-nine pence.
Note we don't say Fifty-two thousand pounds, three hundred pounds and forty five pounds and ninety-nine pence. This will allow us naturally to avoid having to say 'bit' after every magnitude grouping.
Now for Bitcoin 
1.02311191 reads as One-point-zerotwothreeoneoneonenineone Bitcoin. This is a load of crap to say, and you know it
If I rewrite this with spaces to represent the prefixes like this:
1.023 111 91 I can easily see where the groupings of orders of magnitude fit.
Now I can say One Bitcoin, twenty-three milli, one-hundred and eleven micro and ninety-one Satoshi.
Realistically things will be mostly pegged to a fiat currency for things like coffee, groceries and restaurants. Many things will be in the range of tens of milli with a few hundred micro. I used XE to do these and preserved the amount of sig figs from the fiat amount by rounding.
A £1.70 coffee: 0.006 670 Six milli, six-seventy microbit. Or six point six-seven milli.
Fuel fill-up for £45.52: 0.178 500 Hundred and seventy-eight point five milli.
The point is, rather than renaming EVERYTHING to suit, there needs to be flexibility to parse the entire range of possible decimal places into something easy to say. There is no need to 'work in millibitcoin' since by working in Bitcoin we already are.
By adding spaces you are reminding yourself where the decimal would be for each prefix. One hundred micro is 'point one' milli. There's no need for Thousand Micro since that is one milli. Trying to 'work in milli' gives us the same problem since ten thousand milli is better expressed succinctly as ten Bitcoin!
Some people have suggested a similar thing with semicolons but that makes the numbers look unrelated and ungainly.
Try it yourself, see if you like it.
Edit: I understand different countries use commas and decimals for different things but this should work pretty well anywhere. To solve the problem of potentially wrapping the number across lines if a space is used, an apostrophe looks neat. sue-dough-nim/ mentioned it and abdada/ kindly tipped this post and said: Tossed you 0.001'180'78. Neat and mirror-symmetrical with the comma. 
TL;DR We can use a space to separate groups of three behind the decimal, even if some are wasted zeros. We write wasteful zeros all the time with currency eg £5.00.
0.001 200 reads like One milli two hundred micro OR one point two milli.
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