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Best Ways to Invest in Blockchain

Best Ways to Invest in Blockchain
Even after this pandemic disaster, Blockchain has been able to sustain its momentum and become one of the leading technologies. Not only this forms the base for excellent career opportunities, but at the same time, but it has also become a cornerstone for various business investors. Startups in this field are flooding the market, and many companies are investing in Blockchain technology. The resilience which this technology has shown clearly shows that technology is here to stay, and we are going to see a positive increase in the same. In this blog, we will be discussing the best ways to invest in Blockchain.
Let’s explore:
1. Stocks- One of the easiest ways to invest in Blockchain is stocks. You can consider the following investors :
· Codebase Ventures — It is a company that is investing in Blockchain-based technology.
· BTCS — It was the first publically listed Blockchain company in the US.
· Interbit — These services are used in different industries, including banking.
· HIVE Blockchain — It acts as a bridge between the Blockchain market and the conventional capital market. The company has also partnered with Genesis Mining.
2. Exchanged Traded Funds or ETFs- If you are looking for lower fee investment into Blockchain companies, then ETFs are the right choice. Some of the popular ETFs choices are:
· Reality Shares NASDAQ NexGen Economy ETF- It was launched in the year 2018. It has all the popular companies that work in Blockchain
· Blockchain Technologies ETF- Harvest Portfolios Group, issued this ETF. The company focusses its funds in securities of involved in Blockchain. The ETF is listed in Toronto Stock Exchange
· First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Process ETF- It tracks the Indxx Blockchain Index. It comprises of all the companies that are internationally listed.
3. Crowdfunding- Well, you might not initially look at it, but over a period of time, as you gain more information about Blockchain technology, then you can invest in it. Crowdfunding is an excellent way for the Blockchain stalwarts to start investing in this field. It allows startups to come up with their currencies.
These are three of the ways via which you can start investing in Blockchain. Various companies coming with ICOs, and you can surely be a part of it. Moreover, it also enables even small investors to start their investment journey. All you need to do is a bit of market study and knowledge, which is eventually going to help your business grow.
Uncoupled with Bitcoin, Blockchain has a promising future, and those who wish to make a career in this filed, then this is the right time. If you want to make the most of Blockchain investment, then you need to garner knowledge in this field. Becoming a Blockchain expert will give you the right information about investing at the right time and the right place.
Blockchain Council is a leading platform providing Blockchain Certification that give you a complete insight into Blockchain technology. After completing this course, you will have complete information about Blockchain technology.
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Blockchain based electricity management pilot coming to Europe

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Three major energy companies in Europe, including the leading central European electricity Transmission System Operator, TenneT, have announced that they are working with IBM on blockchain solutions for managing electricity.
In TenneT's case, it is being deployed specifically to enable "Decentralized flexible energy sources to play a role in the management of the electricity grid," according to the company.
The collaboration comes in the wake of news that nearby Austria's largest utility conglomerate, Wien Energie, taking part in their own blockchain trial focused on energy trading.
The energy company partnered with the UK's BTL, and will use its Interbit blockchain technology for the pilot, which is running now but is expected to be completed later this month.
"Through different experimental arrangements with the technology, new insights into the use of blockchain in the energy business are to be gained and possible process optimization and cost savings are to be explored," said Peter Gönitzer, Wien Energie Managing Director.
Power Ledger became the first company to use a blockchain for tracking energy credits in the Australian city of Perth, in August 2016.
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